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Play Charity Housie at a Club near you. 


Charity Housie is a fast and exciting game, with a fun atmosphere. It has many regular and devoted players who enjoy the camaraderie and the chance of winning. The game is similar to Bingo, with players buying books of tickets, hoping their numbers are called first. Prizes can range from a hundred to over a thousand dollars. 
The Heart Research Institute has been chosen by various Clubs throughout NSW to be the beneficiary of their Charity Housie Games.  

The funds raised from these games are put back into the community via The Heart Research Institute’s education and healthy initiatives programmes.  In addition to the funds raised by the Charity Housie games, the Clubs make a regular donation from their Community Development Support Initiative.

Club Bingo precedes each of the games and regular sessions are held at the clubs below.

Come and have some fun in support of The Heart Research Institute and good luck!

Look out for the HRI Bingo Markers on sale at each session



Since taking over the Charity Housie program at Club Rivers in May 2010, over $260,000 has been raised. These vital funds going towards cutting edge research undertaken at The Heart Research Institute. The success of the program is directly attributable to the support given by the management and staff of Club Rivers. 






Above: To acknowledge this support an Award of Appreciation was presented by Joy Miller, Charity Housie Manager, to Simon de Munck, CEO Club Rivers.


Sydney Bingo Lounge is very proud to announce that since the introduction of ‘The Heart Research Institute’ as their charity for Housie bingo, over $260,000 has been raised for the Institute. These vital funds have not only gone towards cutting edge research undertaken by The Heart Research Institute, it has also been responsible for the recent purchase of a ‘Flow Cytometer’ – a critical piece of equipment for any modern biomedical research laboratory. So what does that mean? ‘Flow Cytometry’ is a technique for counting and identifying cells via a laser-based detection system.

“In order to develop therapies for the treatment of diseases such as atherosclerosis and diabetes, it is vital that there is a comprehensive understanding of the molecular changes associated with these conditions” explains HRI Fundraising Executive Valerie Froome “At The Heart Research Institute, the flow cytometry is used extensively by 7 of the 9 research groups, making it one of the most broadly used techniques at the institute.”

The Heart Research Institute Charity Housie Manager, Joy Miller was delighted with the results “The success of the program is directly attributes to the support given by the management and staff of Club Rivers.” 


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