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Based in Australia, Sandra Boswell has over 25 years of experience as a specialist working with companies who undertake innovation in Australia, assisting them with seeking Government grants and funding to undertake novel projects.

Mrs Boswell was a partner for 15 years with PwC Australia, retiring in 2018. During that time, she led businesses within PwC and was also a member of the Australian Governance Board of Partners for several years. She chaired the Finance and Operations (Audit) Committee whilst on the Board and was a member of several other committees. In 2017 she was appointed as a member of the PwC Asia Pacific Board. She is currently a Director and National Leader of Innovation and Incentives at Glasshouse Advisory, part of the IPH group working with companies across sectors on their innovation strategies, and assists them in seeking both direct and indirect Government funding.

Mrs Boswell has worked with the Federal Government with regard to innovation policy and administration, and has assisted with the drafting of legislation and policy on attracting innovation investment to the country. She believes that innovation is vital to a healthy robust economy. She has worked with companies in the digital economy and health sector, particularly in relation to the development of new technologies in this sector.

Mrs Boswell is also currently a non-executive Director of GLEIF and the Sisters of Charity Foundation. She has a Bachelor of Economics (social sciences) from The University of Sydney.

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