Gifts in memoriam

Give a gift in memory of someone special

A memorial donation to the Heart Research Institute is a thoughtful way to remember someone, and is a lasting and meaningful tribute to ensure their legacy will live on to help others.

Donate in lieu of flowers

The family may request that a donation to the Heart Research Institute be made in lieu of flowers or gifts in memoriam be given to commemorate the anniversary of the passing of a loved one.

We can provide In Memoriam envelopes to the funeral home conducting the service.

Donate in memoriam

We’ll need a few things from you

  • Your name and address (so that we can provide you with a tax receipt).

  • The name of the person who has passed away.

  • The name and address of the next of kin or nearest family member (so that we can inform them of your kind memorial donation - the amount will remain confidential).

In Memoriam envelopes

If you would like In Memoriam envelopes to be distributed at the funeral, ask your funeral director to contact us using the form below or call (02) 9241 4300 to arrange for a supply.

Many families choose to mention these arrangements in the Funeral Notice that is placed in the newspaper so that those wishing to make a gift in lieu of flowers can do so.

Donate In Memorium online

If you wish to donate In Memorium, simply download the online donation form, complete it and then return it via post (reply paid) to the Heart Research Institute.