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HRI: A modern workplace for collaboration

15th July, 2018

The Heart Research Institute is proud to be featured at Microsoft Inspire 2018 as an organisation that has digitally transformed into a modern workplace, enabling it to stay at the leading edge of cardiovascular research.

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Big-hearted investment to save Australian lives

15th June, 2018

The NSW Government has backed a bold new plan to become the premier state for heart disease with a $150 million funding package to fight the resurgence of the deadly condition.

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New drug hope to target silent killer

18th May, 2018

An exciting new treatment for very high blood pressure is on the horizon after a world-first discovery by a team of Sydney heart researchers.

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Blood clot breakthrough a saviour for diabetics

15th May, 2018

A breakthrough by Australian scientists could soon protect tens of thousands of Australian people with diabetes from killer heart disease and strokes.

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Mechanobiology Down Under

12th May, 2018

The inaugural Mechanobiology Down Under meeting was held at the Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club in Sydney on 3–4 May 2018.

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Heart patch helps stem cells work magic

15th April, 2018

A young Sydney scientist has invented a body patch that breathes life into dead tissue following a stroke or heart attack, dramatically improving a patient’s chance of full recovery.

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Smart new nanoparticle makes good drugs brilliant

11th March, 2018

A super-charged nanoparticle with truck-like power and GPS-style precision is poised to change the way medication is delivered to sick Australians.

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Silk mends broken hearts

11th March, 2018

The world’s most luxurious fabric could soon be used to weave blood vessels that offer life to heart bypass patients, a breakthrough Australian study has found.

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Crystal ball molecule predicts diabetes before it strikes

15th February, 2018

Australian researchers have developed a simple test to predict diabetes more than a decade before it strikes, a breakthrough that could help ease the impending diabetes epidemic.

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