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Dr Steven Wise is Leader of the Applied Materials Group at the Heart Research Institute and Conjoint Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Central Clinical School of The University of Sydney.

His research is focused on developing improved implantable scaffolds and devices, specialising in vascular implants, their blood compatibility and interactions with vascular cells. He completed a PhD on elastin structure and function at The University of Sydney, studying with Professor Anthony Weiss.

Over the past 10 years, Dr Wise has made significant advancements in the development of new biomaterials and improved device surfaces for vascular applications, such as stents and grafts.

Awards for research

2017 Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program – Ignition Health

2014 Sydney Medical School Early Career Researcher Overseas Travel Grant

2013 Australia-China Young Researchers Exchange Program Fellow

2011 RPAH Cardiologist’s Award for the Best Clinical Publication

2010 SuTEN Early Career Researcher Prize


Santos M, Filipe E, Michael P.L., Bilek M.M., Wise S.G., Nanoparticles. Australian Provisional Patent no. 2016905306. Original filing December 22nd, 2016.