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Your 2020-2021 tax receipt will be sent mid-July. Contact us if you need to update your details.

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Our unique collection of technologies/capabilities places us at the forefront of HFpEF research. Using these strategies, our aims are as follows:

  1. Determine key mechanistic underpinnings in each subclass of HFpEF.
  2. Develop novel management strategies and treatment guidelines to treat each HFpEF subclass (with Dr Sean Lal, co-Director of HFpEF clinic and Director of Sydney Heart Bank).
  3. Develop novel therapeutics to improve HFpEF outcome (with Dr Xuyu Liu, HRI).

Outcomes: New management guidelines and therapeutic agents for HFpEF, the most common form of heart failure globally that currently has no approved pharmacotherapies.

EOFY tax receipts will be sent mid-July

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