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CH-FIT study

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Many patients with bleeding and clotting disorders go undetected by routine laboratory tests, in part because the available assays do not reflect the conditions in the circulation. Our Group uses biochips in a microfluidic system that allows blood to flow through passages under controlled conditions.

The passages are designed to mimic blood vessels and include features, eg, stenosis, that simulate the circulation in stenosed vessels. The flow of blood through these biochips generates thrombi that can be visualised by real-time microscopy and quantified.

This project will study blood cell adhesion and thrombus formation in microfluidic devices to assess for persisting thrombotic tendency in patients with a history of venous clots, who have completed treatment.

Samples from patients with bleeding disorders, on treatment, will be assessed for haemostatic potential. Blood cells and proteins that participate in clot formation will be measured in the microfluidics system, including platelets, fibrin, neutrophil extracellular traps and von Willebrand factor.

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