Dr Anna Waterhouse

PhD, BSc (Hons I)
"To succeed as a scientist, it takes hard work, dedication and a curious mind."

Dr Waterhouse is a Group Leader at HRI and holds a joint position at the Charles Perkins Centre as part of the Central Clinical School at the University of Sydney. In 2016 she received a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) from the Australian Research Council. Prior to joining the HRI she was a Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Scientist at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University with Prof Don Ingber. In 2011, Dr Waterhouse received her PhD from the University of Sydney and HRI on biomimetic coronary stent coatings to treat coronary artery disease, under the supervision of Prof Tony Weiss, Assoc Prof Martin Ng and Prof Marcela Bilek.

Current Appointments

Cardiovascular Medical Devices Group Leader

Heart Research Institute

Group Leader and Senior Lecturer 

Charles Perkins Centre, Central Clinical School, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney

Discovery Early Career Researcher

Australian Research Council

University of Sydney Nano Institute member 

University of Sydney 

Visiting Scholar 

Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University 

Dr Anna Waterhouse leads group:
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Research Grants
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University of Sydney, Equity Fellowship, 2017 
University of Sydney, Kickstart Grant, 2017 
Australian Research Council, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), 2016 
Leslie, D., Waterhouse, A., Berthat, J., Valentin, T., Watters, A., Jain, A., Kim, P., Hatton, B., Nedder, A., Donovan, K., et al (2014). A bioinspired omniphobic surface coating on medical devices prevents thrombosis and biofouling. Nature Biotechnology, 32(11), 1134-1140.

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2016    Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Scientist, Harvard University, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
2011    PhD, Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, University of Sydney
2005    Honours (1st Class) Cell Biology, University of Manchester
2017    International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Travel Fellowship 
Professional Activities
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Membership of Professional Bodies 

·    Australian Colloids and Interfaces Society, since 2016
·    Australian Vascular Biology Society, since 2016
·    Biomedical Engineering Society, since 2015
·    Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society, since 2012
·    Australian Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, since 2008 

Peer Review Commitments 

·    External assessor for ARC DECRA Fellowships 
·    Reviewer for Biomaterials, since 2017
·    Reviewer for Acta Biomaterialia, since 2017
·    Reviewer for Tissue Engineering, since 2011 

1. Berthet, J.B., Didar, T., Ingber, D.E., Leslie, D.C., Super, M., Waterhouse, A., Watters, A. Modification of surfaces for simultaneous repellency and targeted binding of desired moieties. US provisional number: 61/673,154: Filed 18 July 2012. PCT application number: PCT/US2013/050405: Filing date 12 July 2013, Publication number: WO2014014788 A2  
2. Aizenberg, J., Aizenberg, M., Dunn, S., Ingber, D.E., Leslie, D.C., Kim, P., Super, M., Uzan, O., Waterhouse, A., Watters, A. Modification of surfaces for fluid and solid repellency. PCT application number: PCT/US2013/021056: Filing date 10 Jan 2013. WO2013106588 A1 
3. Ingber, D.E., Leslie, D.C., Super, M., Waterhouse, A., Watters, A. Modification of surfaces for fluid and solid repellency. PCT application number: PCT/US14/46225. Filing date 10 July 2014. WO2016144079 A1 
4. Ingber, D.E., Jain, A., Leslie, D.C., Super, M., Waterhouse, A. A microfluidic device for real-time clinical monitoring and quantitative assessment of whole blood coagulation. PCT application number: PCT/US14/60956: Filing date 16 Oct 2014. WO2016258968 A1 
5. Ng, M.K.C., Waterhouse A., Weiss, A.S. and Wise S.G., Chemically and Biologically Modified Medical Devices, Aug 19, 2014. US patent number: 8,808,365 
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Prof Marcela Bilek, School of Physics and Aerospace, Mechanical, and Mechatronic Engineering  
Prof Fariba Dehghani, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering