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Deadly blood clots killing patients

A terrifying 75% of ICU patients with COVID-19 develop life-threatening blood clots that can trigger stroke or heart attack

These blood clots can lead to death or long-term organ damage, which is why preventing or dissolving them quickly is critical.

Worldwide, there are around 8 million cases of coronavirus, with that number shooting higher every day. Frighteningly, people with cardiovascular disease are 12 times more likely to die if they catch the coronavirus.

The pandemic is not over. The threat to our loved ones living with cardiovascular disease is not over.

But there is hope. HRI researchers are on the cusp of a breakthrough anti-clotting treatment for COVID-19.

In just months, this drug could be used all over the world to protect patients from deadly blood clots and save lives.

You can help fast-track this drug by donating today.

On the cusp of a clot-busting drug that saves lives

Professor Shaun Jackson, Scientific Director at HRI, has been tirelessly working with his team for over two decades on a revolutionary new anti-clotting drug. This drug is highly effective at preventing blood clots and breaking up newly formed ones, and is much safer than existing anti-clotting drugs.

This drug now needs to urgently move into global phase 2 trials – testing its effectiveness and safety in critically ill COVID-19 patients.

We are only a matter of months away from getting this drug to the people who need it most worldwide.

It could not only save many thousands of lives from COVID-19, but also become a global blockbuster therapy for patients suffering stroke or heart disease.

You can help achieve this goal with a tax-deductible donation

Help save lives like Phil’s

For heart patients like Phil, your support could be the difference between life and death.

Phil, a Sydney dad of 4 children, knows he’s high risk. Having already had two heart attacks, catching the coronavirus and developing blood clots could be deadly.

The fears of a second coronavirus wave as restrictions ease are all too real for Phil.

Phil’s kids are still young, and he doesn’t want them to go with­out a dad, or for his wife Jen­ny to have to bring them up alone.

Phil’s not alone in being at risk. Over 4.2 million Australians have cardiovascular disease. Every one of them is at almost 12 times higher risk of dying if they get COVID-19. Every one of them has a higher risk of developing deadly blood clots that could trigger stroke or heart attack. If you or someone in your life has a heart condition, you face the same risks.

Donate today to fast-track this new drug for critically ill patients and protect people from cardiovascular disease.