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The problem

One in 30 pregnancies in Australia is diagnosed with preeclampsia. It is the leading cause of stillbirths and newborn deaths in Australia.

Every year 10,000 women in Australia are diagnosed with preeclampsia, and for an additional 20,000 women – one in 10 pregnancies – high blood pressure becomes an issue requiring treatment.

Many women who suffer preeclampsia during pregnancy never get to take their babies home.

HRI's research

We have discovered that a commonly available, over-the-counter medication has the potential to prevent preeclampsia and reduce associated risks during pregnancy.

It has taken our researchers 12 years of hard work to get to where they are now: on the brink of a discovery that could change the way preeclampsia is treated. This research has the potential to protect women and babies from the most devastating impacts of preeclampsia and to save lives.

If preeclampsia could be prevented, then one of the strongest risk factors for women’s heart disease could be prevented or reduced.

Professor Annemarie Hennessy
Group Leader at HRI and world-renowned preeclampsia researcher

The Vascular Immunology group is researching ways to safely prolong pregnancy without premature delivery. In addition, they are examining the role of aspirin and its effect in preeclampsia prevention. In partnership with research groups in the USA and Sweden, the team is also investigating the effect and safety of the new treatments targeting the placenta, for use in early severe preeclampsia.

We cannot continue vital research like this without your help.

Please donate $20, $50 or an extra generous $100 to support this essential research that has the potential to save the lives of Australian mothers and babies.