You are now part of the fight against heart disease!

Hi there,

We know you've only been supporting the Heart Research Institute for a short time, but we wanted to let you know how important that support is, in the ongoing fight against heart disease.

Your regular monthly gift has already been put to work, helping us to fund vital work such as the discovery of a protein that could help people living with diabetes and prevent heart attacks.

You are literally helping to save lives.

We also wanted to introduce you to Janelle whose family has been deeply affected by Australia's number one killer. Find out how research is helping Janelle's family.

Thank you again for coming on board and helping us do everything we can to stop heart disease in its tracks. With your ongoing regular support, we'll be able to continue to achieve results that one day could save the life of someone you love... or even your own.

With heartfelt thanks,

Professor Clare Hawkins
Scientific Director
The Heart Research Institute

P.S. Remember, all donations to the Heart Research Institute are tax deductible. Your receipt will be forwarded to you each July.