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Cardiovascular disease is Australia's – and the world’s – number one killer.

Our vision and mission

HRI’s vision is to save and improve the lives of people with cardiovascular disorders through world-class research and innovation. At our cutting-edge Institute, we nurture the brightest minds to discover the causes and complexities of cardiovascular disorders.

Our values


We focus on delivering the highest quality outcomes in all aspects of our research, innovation, and professional support services.


We encourage staff to creatively pursue their passion, courageously questioning existing scientific ideas and norms.


We are one team across HRI with a single goal: to deliver on our vision and mission.


We emphasise openness, rigour, integrity, and accountability in all we do and in the way we manage and govern HRI.


We live out respect and inclusivity for people of all backgrounds and beliefs. We have a particular focus on equity for women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and individuals.

Today’s research is tomorrow’s cure.


Today's research is tomorrow's cure.

Every donation to the Heart Research Institute is an investment into the lives of millions. Help make a lasting difference by donating today.

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