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Centre for PAD on a mission to help Australians living with peripheral artery disease

6th June, 2024

The Heart Research Institute Centre for PAD is the first of its kind in NSW, paving the way for world-leading research and helping to raise awareness about the debilitating condition.

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Printing healthy hearts and saving lives at HRI

22nd May, 2024

Scientists from the Heart Research Institute (HRI) are developing a world-first alternative to heart transplants, using “mini-hearts” and a bioprinter.

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Assoc Prof Mary Kavurma and team win prestigious international award

21st May, 2024

Congratulations to Assoc Prof Mary Kavurma and her co-authors for winning a 2024 Paul Dudley White International Scholar Award.

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Leading US cardiologist visits HRI

11th April, 2024

Scientists from the Heart Research Institute (HRI) were fortunate to receive a visit from eminent US cardiologist and researcher Prof Javed Butler.

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HRI alumni share their memories as we honour 35 years of research

4th April, 2024

As HRI celebrates its 35th anniversary, we spoke to a few of our alumni about their fondest memories at the Institute.

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HRI celebrates 35 years of groundbreaking research

18th March, 2024

The Heart Research Institute (HRI) is celebrating 35 years of world-renowned research.

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HRI celebrates International Women’s Day 2024

7th March, 2024

The Heart Research Institute (HRI) celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD) and gender equity with an inspiring seminar featuring three amazing women.

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Broccoli: Heart-healthy veggie that could prevent and treat stroke

1st March, 2024

A three-year world-first study by the Heart Research Institute (HRI) has found that a natural chemical found in broccoli could prevent and treat one of the nation’s biggest killers.

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Research projects with NZ collaborators hold promise thanks to HRI grants

27th February, 2024

HRI is undertaking several important research projects with collaborators based in New Zealand.

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