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Our objective

Our Group investigates the causes of preeclampsia through studying placentas and placental cells in the laboratory. We have been able to identify factors coming from the placenta that lead to damage in the mothers’ blood vessels and how this interaction can affect high cholesterol and other substances known to increase the risk of blood vessel and heart disease. We seek to develop new drug treatments for preeclampsia.

Our impact

Our research goals are to better understand the causes of preeclampsia. By measuring the functions of the placenta and predicting preeclampsia, we seek to provide new, safe treatment which would allow the pregnancy to progress to full term, thus reducing the burden of premature delivery and also, long term, the risk to women’s heart health. Our work is directly translatable to women in pregnancy, resulting in an immediate impact through translational research efforts. Our Group has a strong international and national reputation for the quality and effect of our research plans. If preeclampsia could be prevented, then one of the strongest risk factors for women’s heart disease could also be prevented or reduced. This is an important long-term goal for women’s heart health.

The team

Professor Angela Makris

Co-lead and Visiting Scientist

Dr Chia-Chi Liu

Senior Research Officer

Dr Katrina Chau

Early Career Researcher

Dr Shikha Aggarwal

PhD Student

Dr Suzanne Pears

PhD Student

Dr Renuka Shanmugalingam

PhD Student

Dr Mikala Welsh

Masters Student