Applied Materials.

Our mission is to develop the next generation of bioactive materials – materials that can bond to living tissues –

and provide better treatment options for those with cardiovascular disease.

Our group works with exciting new classes of biomaterials including naturally derived proteins and polymers and the latest in synthetically produced plasma surfaces and products. We aim to engineer and optimise these materials to be therapeutically useful in the treatment of vascular disease and more broadly in tissue repair.

What impact will this research have?

The materials currently available for vascular repair are fundamentally incompatible with the tissues they seek to repair. Metal alloys like stainless steel, and the same plastics used in Goretex jackets and drinking straws are in wide use, relying on technology that has not evolved considerably for several decades. Discovery of new materials that could be used clinically would have a significant impact on the lives of patients.

Dr Steven Wise
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What’s new in the lab?

Mentoring the next generation of scientists

Recently, ten bright young researchers from New Zealand took part in a summer scholarship at the HRI to get hands-on experience in our world-class laboratory facilities and to be mentored by leaders in the cardiovascular disease research field. They share their experiences here.
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