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At the end of this summer, HRI said “see you soon” to 12 impressive scholars who joined us for seven weeks of real-life experience in world-class research facilities.

The summer scholarship program is essential for those looking to take the plunge into medical research as it gives a great taste of what’s to come. Watch videos of our recent scholars explaining what they learned from the experience.

The scholarship kicked off with two days of inductions, where our scholars met HRI’s research group leaders and toured the biological facilities and campus. A welcome party – just one of several social events on the calendar – also ensured they met key support members, such as marketing and communications, fundraising and the operations teams, and provided the chance to mingle with their peers.

Then it was down to learning as much as possible, with each scholar following a personalised timetable filled with scientific workshops covering topics such as safety shower and eyewash testing, tissue culture, microscopy, 3D printing and microfluidics.

The workshops were held at HRI’s laboratories at Eliza Street, Newtown and at the Charles Perkins Centre, The University of Sydney so the students could access and learn about the different facilities and state-of-the-art equipment available.

Each scholar was assigned to their preferred research group, while also having the opportunity to join weekly journal clubs, laboratory meetings and seminars for exposure to as many different research groups and projects as possible.

They were also assigned a student buddy – an existing HRI student or researcher – to be their dedicated point of contact throughout their experience and to help answer any questions, large or small.

Congratulations on completing the summer scholarship

  • Cara Gomez, Australia – Haematology
  • Ethan Italiano, Australia – Thrombosis
  • Edward Hootman, Australia – Cardiovascular Neuroscience
  • Kavya Mathur, Australia – Cardiovascular Medical Devices
  • Tiger Li, Australia – Cardiovascular-protective Signalling and Drug Discovery

Special congratulations to our scholars from New Zealand

  • Anthony Zemke, New Zealand – Cardiovascular Medical Devices
  • Genevieve Middleton, New Zealand – Thrombosis
  • Ivy Guan, New Zealand – Cardiovascular-protective Signalling and Drug Discovery
  • Jolyn Pan, New Zealand – Cardiovascular-protective Signalling and Drug Discovery
  • Madison Chu, New Zealand – Cardiovascular Medical Devices
  • Michaela Jeong, New Zealand – Thrombosis
  • Sophie Zheng, New Zealand – Haematology

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