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World-first study to determine if exercise is bad or good for those with congenital heart disease

17th May, 2022

HRI's world-first exercise study led by Assoc Prof Rachael Cordina could revolutionise the way those with half a heart live their lives.

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Why people with sleep apnoea develop high blood pressure and diabetes

16th May, 2022

Dr Melissa Farnham has been awarded a grant to investigate why people with obstructive sleep apnoea develop high blood pressure and diabetes.

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HRI welcomes new Chair, The Hon Peter McGauran

13th May, 2022

HRI has appointed a new Chair, The Hon Peter McGauran, who is former Federal Science and Technology Minister, and has extensive experience working within the medical sector.

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HRI sponsoring 2022 Cardiovascular Postgraduate Scholarship

10th May, 2022

HRI is sponsoring a new Cardiovascular Postgraduate Scholarship under the Sydney Research Awards and Scholarships program.

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One step closer to understanding atherosclerosis

3rd May, 2022

Dr Ashish Misra published a review that brings us one step closer to understanding the inner workings of atherosclerosis, the major cause of stroke and heart attack.

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Link between dementia and atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat)

7th April, 2022

A major new report, led by HRI's Prof Ben Freedman, has confirmed a strong link between atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) and dementia.

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Prof Roland Stocker awarded 2021 Basic Science Award

31st March, 2022

Professor Roland Stocker, leader of the Arterial Inflammation and Redox Biology Group at HRI, has been awarded the 2021 Basic Science Award from the esteemed Society for Free Radical Research-Europe.

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New hope for babies born with heart defect

15th March, 2022

Dr Ashish Misra is conducting research that opens a pathway towards a improved therapy for patients with the heart defect SVAS.

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First congenital heart disease registry launched in Australia

21st February, 2022

In an Australian first, doctors have developed the Australian New Zealand Congenital Heart Disease Registry to help improve the lives of people living with the condition, and their families.

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