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HRI wins RACI Women in Chemistry Honourable Prize

8th September, 2022

Congratulations to PhD student Ivy Guan on being awarded the Women in Chemistry Honourable Prize at RACI2022.

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Discovering why stiff heart failure affects more women than men

5th September, 2022

HRI is investigating why more women than men are affected by heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.

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HRI scientists working to prove how some of the most unpopular vegetables could reverse stroke

22nd August, 2022

HRI has discovered cruciferous veg like Brussels sprouts and broccoli can help dissolve blood clots and improve the performance of clot-busting drugs, which could help treat stroke.

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Inspiration from natural products in heart-healthy diets used to fight cardiovascular disease

18th August, 2022

HRI’s Dr Xuyu Liu is researching how healthy heart diets that contain ‘natural products’ can give rise to new treatments for thrombosis.

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New COO for the Heart Research Institute

9th August, 2022

HRI is pleased to announce that Dr Tim Gainsford has been appointed Chief Operating Officer from Monday, 5 September 2022.

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Investigating platelet hyperactivity in diabetes for preventative therapies

8th August, 2022

HRI is conducting a collaborative research project investigating the mechanisms of platelet hyperactivity in diabetes with Dr Maggie Kalev-Zylinska, University of Auckland.

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Developing safer treatments for ischaemic stroke

7th August, 2022

HRI has launched an international drug discovery project investigating the development of a photo-responsive therapy for ischaemic stroke.

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Distinguished Prof Annemarie Hennessy AM celebrates 20 years at HRI

28th July, 2022

Distinguished Professor Annemarie Hennessy AM is celebrating 20 years at HRI as Vascular Immunology Group Leader this year.

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HRI welcomes new Scientific Director, Prof Andrew Coats AO

27th July, 2022

HRI is delighted to announce that world-leading cardiovascular expert Professor Andrew Coats AO is joining the Institute as Interim Scientific Director.

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