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Is it possible to restore circulation in someone with peripheral artery disease?

8th June, 2023

PhD student Manisha Patil presented the latest research on new avenues to treat peripheral artery disease at the European Society for Microcirculation.

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How a pain in your leg could be just as fatal as a pain in your chest

5th June, 2023

Assoc Prof Mary Kavurma is raising awareness of peripheral artery disease, which is now affecting more women than men and also has greater risk of amputation and cardiovascular mortality.

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Dr Sergey Tumanov awarded grant by The Ian Potter Foundation for Australia’s first Fluxomics Centre

15th May, 2023

HRI's Dr Sergey Tumanov has been awarded a prestigious grant by The Ian Potter Foundation to help establish Australia’s first Fluxomics Centre devoted to cardiovascular disease.

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New strategy to prevent cardiovascular disease hidden in toxic waste product

10th April, 2023

Research shows bilirubin, formerly viewed as only a toxic waste product in the body, could decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Collaboration brings advances in therapeutic strategies for stiff heart failure

13th March, 2023

Dr Yen Chin Koay provides an update on spending six months investigating stiff heart failure in Prof Christopher Loughrey’s lab in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Promising research pioneering heart failure treatment

28th February, 2023

Dr Yann Ng has won a 2023 CVRN-VCCRI Research Innovation Grant to further investigate stiff heart failure.

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New diet study could change clinical care for pregnant women globally

13th February, 2023

An HRI study is investigating whether a Mediterranean diet for pregnant women can positively impact their babies’ heart development.

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HRI’s Rod Halstead awarded Order of Australia Medal

2nd February, 2023

HRI's Rod Halstead has been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for services to the community.

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Self-screening for atrial fibrillation could reduce stroke

31st January, 2023

HRI has published a key paper about the AF Self-SMART study, which shows that atrial fibrillation self-screening stations in GP offices could potentially reduce stroke.

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