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New therapeutic strategies for stiff heart failure

24th June, 2022

HRI has launched an international research project investigating new therapeutic strategies for stiff heart failure.

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Dr Yen Chin Koay wins ISHR International Poster Prize

22nd June, 2022

Dr Yen Chin Koay of HRI’s Cardiometabolic Disease Group was awarded the International Poster Prize at the XXIV World Congress International Society for Heart Research (ISHR) 2022, Berlin, Germany.

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The Congenital Heart Fitness Intervention Trial bringing hope

15th June, 2022

HRI is embarking on “CH-FIT: The Congenital Heart Fitness Intervention Trial” to investigate the benefits of exercise for people with congenital heart disease.

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Sepsis research accelerated by James N. Kirby Foundation Grant

14th June, 2022

Dr Christopher Stanley’s research focuses on cardiovascular decline seen in sepsis, also known as septic shock – for which there is no clinical treatment.

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Is myeloperoxidase the key to preventing heart attack and stroke?

27th May, 2022

Dr James Nadel has published a literature review in Cardiovascular Research which explores the role of myeloperoxidase (MPO) in cardiovascular disease.

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Leading Australian heart expert to improve Indigenous health

24th May, 2022

HRI's Prof Ben Freedman is taking part in a health screening program for atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure to improve Indigenous health.

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World-first study to determine if exercise is bad or good for those with congenital heart disease

17th May, 2022

HRI's world-first exercise study led by Assoc Prof Rachael Cordina could revolutionise the way those with half a heart live their lives.

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Why people with sleep apnoea develop high blood pressure and diabetes

16th May, 2022

Dr Melissa Farnham has been awarded a grant to investigate why people with obstructive sleep apnoea develop high blood pressure and diabetes.

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HRI welcomes new Chair, The Hon Peter McGauran

13th May, 2022

HRI has appointed a new Chair, The Hon Peter McGauran, who is former Federal Science and Technology Minister, and has extensive experience working within the medical sector.

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