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Emeritus Professor Carolyn Geczy is currently Senior Executive Scientist and Deputy Chair of the Executive and Scientific Executive Committees at HRI. In the 1980s she was Head of the Immunology Group and has served as Scientific Director, and Deputy Director at HRI. She is a member of the Emeritus Faculty at UNSW.

Carolyn completed her PhD in microbiology at the University of NSW and has held research appointments at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), Harvard Medical School (USA), Institute for Clinical Immunology (Switzerland), University of Uppsala (Sweden) and the University of Perugia (Italy). From 1996–2015 Carolyn was Professor of Pathology in the Faculty of Medicine, UNSW, where she served as Associate Dean, Research for five years. In this position she worked with Faculty to forge a strong path that underpinned many initiatives that now strengthen the University’s biomedical research.

Carolyn has over 220 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and has made landmark findings in cytokine research, and how blood coagulation and S100 proteins modulate inflammatory diseases. Carolyn is an international leader in S100 biology. She received continuous NHMRC grant funding from 1978–2017 and numerous awards, including NH&MRC Principal Research Fellow, NHMRC “10 of the best”, two best grant awards from NHF, Honorary Life Member of the Australian Society for Immunology, Researcher of the Year, and Denis Wakefield awards for postgraduate teaching from the University of NSW, and the Women in Inflammation Award, in recognition of her mentorship, from the International Inflammation Society.

Carolyn has served on 16 professorial appointments and promotions committees at universities and institutes within Australia and overseas. She was a Member of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Scientific Research Board, 2005 – 2009 and member of the University of Oxford Nuffield Medical Fellowships committee. She has mentored some 30 postgraduate students, many of whom now hold key positions in the research sector. Carolyn has acted as a reviewer for over 35 international journals and for international and national research granting bodies, including National Science Foundation (USA), MRC Research Council (UK), NH&MRC Programs and Australian Research Council. She has been an active member of societies including the Australian Immunology Society for which she has served as President, Australian Society for Medical Research, Australian Vascular Biology Society, International Cytokine Society and European Calcium Society.