Blackmores and Blackmores Institute

Blackmores and the Heart Research Institute have worked together since 1993. During this time Blackmores have raised a phenomenal $1 million and played a fundamental role in the history of the HRI.

Feel the Beat campaign

In October 2017, Blackmores brought the HRI’s 'Feel the Beat' campaign to all their staff with a quick and easy in-office pulse check to detect for atrial fibrillation – a heart condition which can lead to devastating strokes. Over 170 Blackmores colleagues took part and had their pulses checked over the three-week campaign. 

Marcus Blackmore 

Marcus Blackmore was the Chairman of the Board of Governors of HRI from 2004 to 2006. His vision was the driving force behind moving into our current, cutting-edge facilities and our increased international reach. We have two international fellowships, named the Marcus Blackmore Fellowships in honour of his outstanding contribution to the HRI, which seek to continue this vision by bringing talented young researchers from Europe to work with us.  

Event sponsorship 

Blackmores were the headline sponsor for our annual Illuminate gala dinner, where we celebrate the achievements of our early-career researchers and showcase our research to our supporters, from its inception in the 1990s until 2016.  

Core business alignment 

The vision and mission of Blackmores and the HRI are strongly aligned – we are both committed to helping people be as healthy as they can, whether by inspiring people to take control of and invest in their wellbeing or understanding the causes and complications of cardiovascular disease – the world’s biggest killer. 

For more about Blackmores, visit their website.

For more about the Blackmores Institute, visit their website.