HeartHero® Aspirin Capsules

Help protect yourself and your loved ones from heart attack

Did you know that advice from St John’s Ambulance service says that chewing an aspirin when you are experiencing symptoms of a heart attack can buy you vital time while the emergency services arrive?

After a close call with a heart attack which ended with a life-saving stent operation, Greg Bridgman was inspired to develop the HeartHero® Aspirin Capsule.

The HeartHero® Aspirin Capsule provides a simple, cost-effective way of making sure you always have your aspirin by your side in case of emergency. Clip the HeartHero® Aspirin Capsule to your car keys, golf clubs, bag, bike, tool box, clip to anything!

What’s more, HeartHero® will donate $5 to the HRI when you purchase a HeartHero® Combo Pack, so you are not only helping your own heart, but contributing to vital heart research too.

Help save lives and have your HeartHero® close by, at all times. Take advantage of the special offer for HRI supporters. The HeartHero® Combo Pack contains three different-coloured Aspirin Capsules and is normally $28.95. The HRI rate is $25.95 with $5 from each sale donated back to HRI to further heart research (normal $5 post and packaging applies).

Follow this link to visit the HeartHero® website and receive the special offer code at checkout.