Optiver staff voted to donate $20,000 to the HRI at Christmas, following their colleague’s experience of heart disease.

Jamie’s story

In late 2012, Jamie was on a surf trip to a remote island in Indonesia when he started experiencing strange chest sensations and began passing out. He was put on emergency flights, first to a hospital in Bali and then Singapore for further testing. His condition was serious and deteriorating rapidly. He flew back to Australia immediately and underwent emergency open heart surgery to replace his failing heart valve with a mechanical one. After many long months of rehab, Jamie was able to get back to health, living a full and happy life with his young family.

After his experience, Jamie wanted to give back to heart research, which had helped keep him alive. His company, Optiver, offered staff the chance to nominate a charity to receive a Christmas donation, and Jamie chose the Heart Research Institute.

Engaging with Optiver colleagues

We’ve been delighted to engage with Optiver colleagues by bringing blood pressure checks to staff, curating a heart-healthy menu day in the staff restaurant, and running a lunch-and-learn session with Dr Steve Wise, Group Leader of our Applied Materials Group. Thank you to everyone at Optiver for voting to support this Group’s visionary work to develop the next generation of bioactive materials – materials that can bond to living tissues – and provide better treatment options for people with cardiovascular disease.

Feel the Beat

In September 2017, Optiver brought the HRI’s 'Feel the Beat' campaign to all their staff with a quick and easy in-office pulse check to detect for atrial fibrillation – a heart condition which can lead to devastating strokes.