Become a Hero of the Heart!

Are you interested in fundraising for the Heart Research Institute? We are very grateful for your support and we're here to help you with your fundraising event in any way you need! Whether you're planning your own event or taking part in a local fun run, we've got plenty of tips, ideas and advice to make it a success!

We call our fundraisers Heroes of the Heart

Cardiovascular disease is Australia’s (and the world’s) number one killer, affecting 2 in 3 Australian families. The Heart Research institute is at the forefront of cutting edge research,  to reduce the number of people dying or suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Our mission is to improve human health by understanding the causes and complications of cardiovascular disease and we need help from heroes like you.

The 'Pacemakers' participate in various fun runs to raise vital funds for heart research

Become a Hero of the Heart today!

1. Pick your fundraising event
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Organise your own fundraising event!

Here are just a few of our ideas: 

Morning tea at your workplace
Trivia night
Movie night
Garage sale
Themed party such as Halloween party

If planning isn't for you, don't worry!

Register for a fitness challenge

There are plenty of fun runs taking place each year around the country. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you and keep your heart healthy while raising vital funds. 

2. Let us know about your event
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Before you start organising your event, you need authorisation to fundraise on behalf of the Heart Research Institute. Just complete the form below and we'll send the Authority to Fundraise form to you! It's designed to assist you in planning your fundraising event. 
3. Start fundraising!
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As soon as the HRI has given authorisation, you can start fundraising! Ask your friends, famiy and colleagues to support you and help you reach your goal. If you aren’t quite sure where to begin, check out our 6 Easy Steps to raising $1000 guide. You might like to set up an online page to make it easier to fundraise. Sites like Everyday Hero and Go Fundraise make it easy to spread the word among friends and keep track of your donations as they come in. Alternatively you can send us a cheque at the end of the event if that is easier for you. 

Enter your details below to become a Hero of The Heart. You will be given access to our Authority-to-Fundraise form once you have signed up. 

Providing your phone number is optional