Children at risk

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently released its National Health Survey.

The survey questioned 19,000 Australians about their lifestyles and provides a snapshot of national health – including that of children.

Some interesting (and alarming) statistics revealed:

  • 31.9% (nearly a third) of children aged 2-18 years, did not meet the guidelines for recommended daily serves of fruit
  • 94.6% did not meet the guidelines for recommended daily serves of vegetables
  • Only one in 20 (5.1%) of children met both guidelines


Equally alarming were the figures for childhood obesity, which showed 27.4% of Australian children are obese or overweight.

Our role is understanding the risks this poses to children’s hearts and how we can ensure a healthy future for all. The Clinical Research Group performs non-invasive techniques on children and young adults at high risk. Their aim is to detect heart and blood vessel problems at a stage when they are potentially reversible and then design interventions to try to treat any abnormalities found.

According to Clinical Research Group Leader David Celermajer, early detection and prevention of advanced heart disease could save hundreds of thousands of lives each year.