Lions Club of Bondi give generous $24,000 donation to HRI


Members of the Lions Club of Bondi visited The Heart Research Institute’s Eliza Street headquarters on Thursday 11th June to view their recent donation in action.

The Amaxa Nucleofector, valued at $24,000, was generously provided by the Lions Club of Bondi.

The Bondi chapter is one of 46,000 local Lions clubs worldwide.  With 1.4 million members in over 200 countries around the world, the Lions Club describe their work as making their communities a better place to live, work and grow.

HRI’s Scientific Director Associate Professor Clare Hawkins delivered a presentation outlining the importance of the institute’s medical research.

This was followed by a tour of the HRI laboratories and the chance to see the new Amaxa Nucleofector in operation. Dr Ben Rayner was on hand to show them around. He knows first-hand how useful the new appliance it will be. ‘The machine enables us easier targeting and knock-down of specific molecular processes within cells, providing greater knowledge as to the cellular mechanisms involved in the progression of atherosclerosis’ he says, ‘In short it allows much more time efficient, and therefore more cost-effective research’.

‘At the HRI a large proportion of our income comes from the community. This was a particular generous contribution, but all support from the community is valued, and vital to the continuity of our research’ said Head of Marketing & Strategy Richard Wylie.

Lions member Mr Adrian Optiz enjoyed personally viewing how the clubs significant donation worked.  ‘You’ve opened our eyes’ he said.

Mr Gus Milner said he was similarly excited when asked what it was like to see how the machine works. ‘That is mind boggling,’ he said ‘It’s remarkable to see what is happening today’.