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Congratulations to Manisha Patil, Bob Lee and Dr Richard Tan on receiving awards at the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) Annual Scientific Meeting held on Friday 31 May.

Manisha received the Honours/Research Assistant Oral Presentation Award for her presentation “Contribution of TRAIL signalling to endothelial cell and pericyte processes during angiogenesis” about the project she undertook as an Honours student with the Vascular Complications Group at HRI. This project investigated the importance of TRAIL (TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand) coming from endothelial cells and pericytes to the processes of angiogenesis.

I was given a wonderful opportunity to share the findings from my honours project at ASMR, and to be recognised for an award about the work I am so passionate about is a great honour,” Manisha says.

The award was presented by Dr Daniel Johnstone, an ASMR Director and past President (pictured above with Manisha).

Bob received the Best Student Oral Presentation Award for his presentation on “Fibrillin-1 Enhances Synthetic Vascular Graft Endothelialisation”.

I’m thrilled and very proud of my team and our Institute. It’s very rewarding to confirm that our research is considered valuable in the broader scientific community,” Bob says.

Richard received the Best Postdoctoral Poster Presentation Award for his presentation on “Next Generation Encapsulation Devices for Beta-Cell Therapy in Type I Diabetes”.

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