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Leading light at the Heart Research Institute (HRI), Rod Halstead, has been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for services to the community.

Mr Halstead is a long-standing advocate of cardiovascular research, having held the key role of Honorary Solicitor for HRI from 1988 to 2018.

As Governor and Director of HRI since 2018 and Chair of two subcommittees, Mr Halstead has overseen HRI’s groundbreaking cardiovascular research to prevent death and suffering from cardiovascular disease – the number one killer in Australia and the world.

“I’m proud of the Institute. It started many years ago in a relatively small way founded by a group of cardiologists associated with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney and now is internationally recognised for its research into the causes and treatment of cardiovascular disease; it’s an achievement to which a number of people have contributed significantly over a number of years,” Mr Halstead says.

To be recog­nised for these ser­vices I’ve pro­vid­ed and enjoyed doing – reflects the lead­ing posi­tion of HRI.”

Since 1993 Mr Halstead has also been a partner in Clayton Utz, one of Australia’s leading law firms, and has regularly offered pro bono legal services within the business world.

Mr Halstead’s legal expertise and extraordinary commitment to HRI for over 30 years has been of inestimable benefit to HRI’s research mission and sustainability in an increasingly challenging environment.

“All at HRI will take pride in Rod’s Order of Australia, knowing that there could be no more deserving recipient. On behalf of all at HRI, we thank Rod for his service to cardiovascular research, as cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in Australia, and the world, making research as profoundly important today as it has ever been,” says The Hon Peter McGauran, Chair of the HRI Board.

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