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Ms Yunjia (Carmen) Zhang received the Best Poster Award for her research focusing on the effects of selenium on atherosclerosis development, at the annual meeting of the Society for Free Radical Research (Australia & Japan).

It’s so encouraging to receive this award, as it means my research may contribute to further development of therapeutics for cardiovascular disease,” says Ms Zhang, PhD student at HRI.

Ms Zhang’s research investigates the effects of selenium on the development of atherosclerosis. Selenium is an essential element for maintaining general health and has well-recognised antioxidant functions. The study found that dietary selenium-related supplementation had positive effects on atherosclerosis development, including reduced plaque size and cellular structure, and changed aortic wall and lesion structure. These effects lead to more stable plaque, reducing the risk of clinical manifestations such as stroke.

The Best Poster Award was sponsored by the open access International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS).

Image: Ms Yunjia (Carmen) Zhang receiving the Best Poster Award from Associate Professor Liz Ledgerwood, President of SFRR.

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Stay fit and active at home