Collaborative Health Partners

The Heart Research Institute (HRI) is embarking on a truly exciting collaborative venture that is likely to fundamentally change the way the organisation operates and performs in the years ahead – in a word, the next 5 years have the potential to be ‘transformative’

Several unique developments are occurring at The University of Sydney (USyd), the Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) and at the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) that are significantly enhancing the HRI’s capabilities, critical mass and operational model. These include the development of:

  1. 1 The Charles Perkins Centre
  2. 2 Sydney Research
  3. 3 ‘Sydney Health Partners’ Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre

The Charles Perkins Centre

The CPC represents a $500 million investment by The University of Sydney to find innovative approaches to tackling some of Australia’s major healthcare challenges, namely cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

Sydney Research

Sydney Research aims to be one of Australia’s leading translational research entities that facilitates the functional integration and collaborative opportunities between leading researchers and clinicians across the Sydney Local Health District.

‘Sydney Health Partners’
NHMRC Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre

Sydney Health Partners is the first ever Health Research and Translation Centre for NSW, established to recognise and encourage leadership in innovative discovery research, research translational activities, the provision of health care and the training of doctors, nurses and other health professionals in an evidence-based environment, at international levels of excellence.

Thanks to these exciting developments and our enduring original vision to create a medical research institute that is inspired by the challenges encountered at the patient’s bedside, the HRI is in a wonderful position to become one of the leading cardiovascular research organisation in Australia over the next 10 years.