We are proud to partner with NAB, both as a charity banking customer and charity partner. Through multi-faceted support, NAB have donated over $100,000 in grants, sponsorship, workplace giving, fundraising and in-kind support.

Women in medical research career re-start grants 

In 2016 the HRI were proud to award our inaugural career re-start grant to Immunobiology Group Leader, Dr Christina Bursill. The award is to acknowledge and help overcome some of the barriers women in science face, in particular, the challenge to remain competitive while on maternity leave. A grant of $60,000 was awarded to Christina to help her kick-start her research output on return from maternity leave by employing a research assistant. This award was made possible thanks to a NAB Community Grant, open to NAB’s charity banking customers. 

Special HRI home-loan package with NAB Newtown 

NAB Newtown are our neighbours, and committed supporters of the HRI. They offer a special home-loan package to HRI family and friends where a percentage of each loan is donated back to the HRI to help fund life-saving research. If you are looking to take out a home-loan and would like to support the HRI at the same time, you can email Denise Ye, Banking Advisor, to find out more.  

World Heart Day

Each year for World Heart Day, NAB Newtown decks out the branch with HRI balloons, banners, collecting tins and posters to raise vital funds and awareness. In 2017, NAB helped us bring the 'Feel the Beat' campaign to the community by offering us their premium window space to do pulse checks for customers, detecting for atrial fibrillation, which puts people at risk of stroke. 

Workplace giving 

Staff across NAB are also generous supporters of our work through NAB’s workplace giving programme, where NAB matches every cent donated by their employees. You can find out more about how to donate to the HRI through workplace giving here.

In-kind and other support 

We are grateful to NAB for supporting us with professional expertise, venue space, opportunities to engage with staff, working space and training opportunities free of charge.