Zorich Group

Zorich Group, proudly family-owned and run parent company of the popular South Australian Sportspower, JT Surf and Rivalry Urbanwear stores, support the Heart Research Institute throughout the month of September every year.

A very personal connection

Kathy Ahwan manages Zorich Group’s accounts. Her son Tim passed away suddenly in September 2014 from arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle that affects the ability of the heart to pump an adequate supply of blood around the body. Tim was healthy with no history of heart disease. He left behind his partner and two young sons.

Kathy’s family tragedy shocked everyone at Zorich Group and the business was keen to help. They adopted the HRI as their charity of choice for the month of September – to coincide with the anniversary of Tim’s death, and World Heart Day.

In store awareness and fundraising

Each September Zorich Group sells the $1 “Zorich Group Charity Bag” across their 16 stores. Customers are given the chance to buy the reusable bag at till-point to carry their purchases home, and the full $1 is donated to the HRI. Frontline retail staff talk to customers about the HRI, in turn raising vital awareness.

Alongside the charity bags, Zorich Group have also run a “Ride 4 Research” event, challenging customers to jump on a stationary bike in store and see how far they can pedal in a minute in return for a gold coin donation. As well as raising funds, this great event got an extra minute of exercise into their customers’ days – a great way to protect against heart disease.

Zorich Group have also supported the HRI’s Feel the Beat campaign by disseminating pulse check cards and other HRI resources to customers.