HRI scientists honoured for their distinguished careers

Awards and Achievements

Professor David Celermajer, head of the Clinical Research Group, was presented the 2012 NSW Ministerial Award for Cardiovascular Research Excellence.

This award, sponsored by the Heart Foundation, recognises Professor Celermajer’s outstanding lifetime contributions to the field of cardiovascular research.

Kristina Cabala, Cardiovascular Research Network Director at the Heart Foundation, said of Professor Celermajer’s award: “What is particularly noteworthy about his research is that he has excelled in basic science, clinical research, clinical trials and public health.  His research efforts range from the cellular and molecular biology of atherosclerosis, to seminal contributions in the early detection of heart and blood vessel disease, especially in children and young adults”.

Professor Celermajer has been a group leader with The Heart Research Institute since 1994, and has been the Clinical Director of The Heart Research Institute since 2003.

In a separate ceremony Professor Mike Davies, the Director of the Institute and Group Leader for the Free Radical Group, was awarded a Distinguished Service Award from the Society of Free Radical Research (Australasia) at their annual meeting.

Professor Davies’ group studies how free radicals (highly reactive chemicals that are routinely formed in the body) can cause damage to  cell machinery, and how this damage might be involved in heart disease. This award celebrates a vibrant career of research from Professor Davies, with over two hundred scientific publications since he joined The Heart Research Institute in 1995.


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