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Congratulations to HRI’s Associate Professor Sanjay Patel and his colleague Professor Anthony Keech at The University of Sydney for being awarded a grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for their project COLchicine CARDIovascular Outcomes in Acute Coronary Syndrome (COLCARDIO-ACS) Study.

Inflammation plays a critical role in the rupture of atherosclerotic plaques, leading to heart attack. Despite current best treatments, many people remain at high risk of future heart attacks, predominantly because current therapies do not specifically target the inflammatory component of atherosclerosis.

This project investigates the ability of colchicine, a safe and commonly used anti-inflammatory drug, to inhibit atherosclerosis-associated inflammation, thereby improving clinical outcomes.

Initial research for the project underpinning the trials commenced at HRI and new research on this topic is ongoing.

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